~Sings~ “…Und Jesus sah es genauso, denn aus Wasser machte er Wein…!!”

Oh, hello. I’m having a nostalgia trip with the footie-anthem songs of Die Toten Hosen (the dead beats – lit. dead trousers). I used to listen to these guys years ago and I don’t care if people think it’s all “three chords and attitude…” =p

If you don’t understand German, don’t worry; the video to “No Alcohol Is Also Not The Answer” (my sloppy translation) – is hilarious and self-explanatory.

I’m going to add-in DTH’s sometime rivals, Die Ärzte (the doctors), for a bit of compare/contrast. Also, I like this song – another ‘memory lane’ moment for me. These guys are getting political here: the chorus is, roughly: “it’s not your fault that the world is as it is – it WOULD be your fault if it stays that way…”


As ever,

Stay strange!